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Jiangsu Gude Building Machinery Co., Ltd.
Company Profile  
GUDE in China, to improve the efficiency of investment in R & D the past few years. Today,

in China with access to global partners to share costs.

 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"German  exports,   the  cash supply\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"   is  our   long-term   strategy  in  China.   GUDE  in 

China is willing to work with  China to a very solid local  partner  in  the  establishment  of

lasting and stable long-term cooperation.

Navigator of the development of the industry,  GUDE  development  mission  is  to  provide

the  world of green products, In China and the world, we provide  you with  quality products

completely green. Use for:

1、Stainless steel,Metal steel,Zine plated steel ,engineering use.

2、Metal curtain,Metal steel partitions,interior & exterior use.

3、Angle iron,Groove iron,Iron plate attached with other materials.

4、Car body,Containers,Shipbuilding,Freezing equipment,etc engineering use.


1、Hi-speed self-drilling,self-tapping,complete  in on eprocess

2、Savelabor  and  time,raise efficiency.

3、Professional  manufacturing,quality  guaranteed.



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